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Hammerhead Electric was founded in 2004 in Phoenix,AZ. Our company was built on the beliefs in building strong business relationships and getting the job done on time and on budget. Our commitment to these values have established us as an electrical contractor with integrity, quality and commitment in the industry.

When you contract with Hammerhead you don't only get a cost effective solution but consistent quality workmanship throughout your installation. You will be working with a trained staff that provides quality performance in the field with strong communications skills. Our resourceful team responds with solutions, shows up prepared to work which assures our clients will have the professional attention they deserve.


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HEAT provides our clients with the highest level of quality construction services at competitive pricing. Performance for our customers is held to the highest level of quality.


Commercial construction is extremely dynamic. HEAT provides dignity in our profession and we do not engage in lessening products or proffesioanl services at the expense of our customers.


Our pride and personal commitment in the work we perform results in superior quality as a result of our design service. We are responsible for mplementation from start to finish.


We uphold and comply with all governing codes, government and municipal statutes and rules, and professional licensing requirements of each jurisdiction, especially those related to safety.


We strive to serve our community by helping each other through our commitment to volunteering outside of the workplace and to inspire positive change in the lives of our clients.


Our passion for staying current with the newest innovations in our industry, while having consideration for the environment and existing technoldy needs for our clients.

Hammerhead Electric and Technology


We continue to grow and expand our reach of satisfied clients. Hammerhead works with an amazing group of people that make this peoples. A special thanks to our clients and our crew for keeping us safe and doing a great job. GO HEAT!

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Hammerhead specializes in commercial electrical and low voltage contractin in Arizona. We have special systems and electrical systems installed in a variety of applications such as Highrise, Industrial, Healthcare, just to name a few of the areas Hammerhead Electric provides electrical & systems solutions.
Hammerhead Electric partners with other organizations to effecively fulfill the scope of work for industry specific applications. We also have strategic alliances that extend our company’s reach in specific markets. These partnerships allow us to build long lasting relationships.
Development and design is an intricate part of our business. We continaully strive to provide a design the will provide the best fit for the customers need. Being an expert in the industry allows us to implement a design the meets code and the owners time frame.

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